Hi! I’m Jennifer.

I am so glad you’re here!

I’m all about living a simple, healthy, happy lifestyle, preparing real food, creating natural products and helping you do the same. I like to call this “Wholistic Wellness”; getting every aspect of your life healthy, not just by food, but also from relationships, career, creativity and spirituality. I am a certified health coach and am studying herbology, advanced nutrition and traditional naturopathy.  I am also an artist and have 2 etsy shops – one is Silver Peanut and I make heirloom remembrance jewelry and the other is Impressionisms which is hand stamped, mixed media jewelry with “custom impressions of love and inspiration”.  I will have my work on this site in the near future along with aromatherapy and chakra jewelry.

Who this site is for:

This site is for those that are serious about making a change in their health and life. The ones who want to take their well-being into their own hands. The ones that want to lose weight. The ones that want to boost their energy. The ones that want a healthy alternative to products and well-care and don’t know where to start.

38 Random things about me

  1. I like to be called Jen or Jennifer, but please, never Jenny.
  2. My dentist is the only person that gets away with calling me Jenny.
  3. I’m addicted to learning; I love to take classes on jewelry and health.
  4. I don’t take well to someone telling me “I can’t do something”.
  5. I played the violin for several years.
  6. I’m terrified to fly, except in a helicopter.
  7. I cry during greeting card commercials on tv.
  8. I sing at the top of my lungs while driving alone in my car (sometimes when my son is with me).
  9. I have 2 dogs, Jake and Josie. There are both rescue dogs.
  10. Fall is my favorite season.
  11. I love watching cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.
  12. My parents divorced when I was 7.
  13. I love making jewelry and selling it online in my 2 etsy shops and at art shows.
  14. I am involved in a newly patented product that is selling internationally.
  15. I love Mexican food and sushi.
  16. I was not very good at playing sports when I was young.
  17. I finally love to work out – spinning class is my favorite.
  18. I am a Christian.
  19. My husband and I got married in November of 2004 and I got pregnant in January of 2005.
  20. I love buttered popcorn.
  21. I have a hard time sitting still.
  22. Going to Machu Pichu is top on my bucket list.
  23. I don’t like living in Cleveland when the weather is sub zero.
  24. I love living in Cleveland all the other times of the year.
  25. I am a hockey mom.
  26. I enjoy teaching and speaking in public.
  27. My son gave me the nickname of “mama-talks-a-lot”.
  28. I used to have panic attacks…I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!
  29. I was engaged more than 4 times.
  30. I lived in Colorado Springs, CO for 2 years after college.
  31. I was a member of the 2014 Ice Resin® design team.
  32. I love the outdoors
  33. I worked in the printing industry for 25+ years.
  34. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine & Applied Arts.
  35. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower.
  36. I am allergic to cucumbers.
  37. I love going barefoot.
  38. I LOVE being alive and feeling healthy!